TURN believes we can and should live in a society where power, broadband and phone services are treated as basic rights for all families.

Building toward a sustainable future for every family, every community, and our planet.

We believe that ensuring affordable, accessible, reliable power and phone service—for every California home—is better for our communities, the planet, and our collective future.

Many of us turn on our lights, open our refrigerator, or adjust the temperature in our house without giving it a second thought. We flip a switch, open a door, or even use an app on our phone—simple. Until we experience a catastrophic emergency—a flood or lengthy power outage for instance—we don’t really think about the consequences of not having power, gas, or phone service.

But hundreds of thousands of California families can’t store fresh food because without power, there is no refrigeration. For students, homework is a greater challenge without lights or internet access. The use of medical equipment requires power to be operable; without power, many California residents cannot use life-saving equipment.

People living without power are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. A family without power is often a family one step removed from living on the street. Getting that family back into housing greatly increases burden on our social safety net, causes emotional and physical harm, and makes it much more difficult for the family to get back on their feet.

Especially now—as we make the essential transition to a carbon-neutral energy base—it is critical that we leave no one behind.

TURN works with state and Federal legislators, supports policy development, organizes communities, and galvanizes allies in order to hold utility companies accountable and be an advocate for utility consumers.

Please join us and make a difference for our future.