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PG&E probation judge demands details after utility equipment seized in wildfire investigation

Dive Brief: California state investigators have taken possession of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) equipment as part of an…

Cal Fire is investigating if PG&E equipment caused the deadly Zogg Fire

California officials are investigating whether Pacific Gas and Electric Co. equipment caused a large Shasta County wildfire that…

Proposition 24 eliminates privacy when you travel

Proposition 24 contains a one-word change to current law that dramatically curtails privacy protections for Californians when they…

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Has Frontier Kept Its’ Promise To You?

Customers cannot afford to pay the cost for Frontier’s continued mismanagement and bankruptcy!     Frontier California is a broadband, phone and video provider serving approximately two million customers across

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Lower Gas Price Scams?

Don’t Get Gassed: TURN is not convinced that gas deregulation can save customers money. Dear Consumer Advisor, I’ve received a couple of calls from gas companies claiming they can provide

Power At Home: Report on Utility Sh...

What happened to the 29,800 Contra Costa families who were permanently shut off by PG&E?  Read TURN’s report on energy insecurity and homelessness and recommendations for justice-driven policies that keep


Electric companies are allowed to shut off power throughout their territories when the weather causes high risk of fires sparked by their equipment.  During a planned power shut off, landline