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PG&E Exits Bankruptcy

Today marks the end of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s second bankruptcy in two decades. After 16 months of legal wrangling…

Telecoms to reinstate data caps after lifting them for shelter-in-place

If you’re among the lucky few who can work from home, chances are you’re eating up a lot of your data in Zoom meetings. All…

PG&E changes leaders for a post-bankruptcy era fraught with challenges

Crimes previously committed by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. hung over Bill Johnson for the entire time he was chief executive of the…

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PG&E Says “Trust Us”- We Say Why Would We?

Can you blame us? PG&E, the criminal felon responsible for the deaths of over 100 of its customers, wants pre-payment of $1.4 billion of your money, ostensibly for wildfire safety.

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The problem: Farfetched as it seems, smart meters can give away an enormous amount of information about customers, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wants it.  Federal immigration authorities are

Power At Home: Report on Utility Sh...

What happened to the 29,800 Contra Costa families who were permanently shut off by PG&E?  Read TURN’s report on energy insecurity and homelessness and recommendations for justice-driven policies that keep


Electric companies are allowed to shut off power throughout their territories when the weather causes high risk of fires sparked by their equipment.  During a planned power shut off, landline

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