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‘PG&E is going to have to pay.’ Sympathy is gone for utility facing bankruptcy

The first time it went bankrupt, in 2001, PG&E could label itself a victim — of the California energy crisis, runaway electricity…

No clear path for California as massive PG&E utility nears bankruptcy

PG&E Corp’s announcement that it will file for bankruptcy, citing massive potential liability from deadly wildfires, puts…

PG&E bankruptcy leaves door open to overhaul of utility, say key lawmaker, consumer groups.

PG&E’s looming bankruptcy amid its wildfire woes — a grim prospect that caused the company’s shares to crash on Tuesday…

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No More Bailouts for Criminal Corporation PG&E

Bailouts Don’t Make Customers Safer, or Cover Their Damages Utility customers, many of whom are already struggling with low wages and high housing costs, cannot afford to pay billions extra

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Speak Out Now to Stop Edison Rate H...

SoCal Edison Wants $2.3 Billion More From Customers– Can you afford higher bills to pay for executive excesses at SoCal Edison? Can you afford to pay an increase of $17

Who Owns Your Personal Data - You o...

Protect Your Right to Privacy Consumers should have control of their own data and information. But right now, phone companies are tracking your movements every 7 seconds, selling your

TURN Report: Energy Insecurity in C...

Last Year there were 886,000 households in California shut off by PG&E, Edison, SDG&E and SoCal Gas in 2017, impacting more than 2.5 million people, most of whom are children.

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