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Summer Tips to Keep Cool For Less

Tips on How to Save Energy and Money Use Less A/C or None at All: Shades help keep heat out of the house: keep them closed during the day and…

AT&T Cutting Landline Service

Please Don't Take Away My Landline!

Thousands of TURN members urged their legislators to reject AB 2395, and let them keep their landlines. Their advocacy was key to defeating…


Natural Gas Safety Tips

The DO’s and DON’T of gas safety Natural gas is used by more than ten million Californian households as their main heating…

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Is PG&E Sucking Up All Your Money? STOP the Rate Hikes NOW

Is PG&E sucking up all your money? Rising PG&E costs are already wreaking havoc in our communities: About 25,000 PG&E household are shut off for nonpayment every month, including many

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CPUC Rejects Pipeline

In the News

July 14, 2016

CPUC rejects North-South pipeline

$621 million natural gas project would have covered 65 miles In a 5-0 vote, the California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday rejected a proposed, $621.3 million natural gas pipeline pushed

Stockton on PG&E hike

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July 13, 2016

Stockton PG&E Customers To Weigh In On Rate Increases

PG&E customers in Stockton will have a chance Wednesday to voice their opinion on a proposed $2.3 billion increase in electric rates over the next three years. PG&E spokesman Donald

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