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California’s largest utility warns tens of thousands of people could see power shut off due to extreme fire risk

Pacific Gas & Electric Co., California’s largest electric utility, warned Friday afternoon it might cut power this weekend to…

State utility regulators waive opposition to SDG&E petition to U.S. Supreme Court

California electricity regulators recently waived their right to oppose a petition San Diego Gas & Electric filed with the…

California Wildfire Panel Urges Utility Liability, Cost Recovery Relief

Eliminating California’s strict liability for utilities and streamlining cost recovery for victims and utilities were recommended…

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Make Your Voice Heard! Petition PG&E Bankruptcy Judge to Let Consumers In

TURN Demands Voice for 16 Million Consumers in Bankruptcy Court TURN wants to represent your interests in PG&E’s Bankruptcy Court, but we need to convince the judge to let us

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What Are Smart Meters Telling Law E...

Your Right to Privacy Consumers should have control of their own energy usage data and information.  Right now, electric utilities can track your electricity usage every 15 minutes using Smart


We Don’t Need Bigger Phone Companies, We Need Better Ones!   Tell the CPUC to say NO to T Mobile’s Merger With Sprint 1. NO TANGIBLE BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS No guarantees

Reforming and Re-regulating PG&E

(CPUC # I 15–08–019) Key Recommendation: The California Public Utilities Commission must enforce vigorous regulation and structural reform to compel PG&E to provide electric and gas service to its 16

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