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California’s Historic Wildfire Season Puts Financial Squeeze On The State’s Utilities

Extreme heat and years of ongoing drought — both linked to climate change — are increasing wildfire risk throughout California.…

CAISO Presses Lawmakers On RTO Conversion

CAISO officials on Wednesday urged California lawmakers to pass legislation that would convert the grid operator into an RTO, saying…

California Lawmakers Consider Jointly Managing Electric Grid With Other States

A key priority of Gov. Jerry Brown before he leaves office is a proposal to integrate California’s power grid with surrounding states…

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Tell the California Legislature to Demand Net Neutrality!

Donald Trump’s FCC appointees have gutted the regulations that require nondiscriminatory internet access. But California can still demand that companies doing business here- and raking in huge profits- comply with

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Speak Out Now to Stop Edison Rate H...

SoCal Edison Wants $2.3 Billion More From Customers– Can you afford higher bills to pay for executive excesses at SoCal Edison? Can you afford to pay an increase of $17

Governor Signs TURN Bill to Reduce ...

With utility bills rising, more and more California consumers face the threat of being shut off from essential heat, light and hot water. Shutoffs already affect over 2 million Californians,

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EACH COUNTY IN CALIFORNIA HAS AN EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM.  SIGN UP FOR YOURS TODAY!     Reverse 911 calls can save lives but what you may not know is that you

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