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Summer Tips to Keep Cool For Less

Tips on How to Save Energy and Money Use Less A/C or None at All: Shades help keep heat out of the house: keep them closed during the day and…

protect cellphone privacy

Stop Your Cell From Tracking You

In an era when cellphones are everywhere, ABC explains how to protect your privacy and stop software from tracking your every move.…

Do Not Call Registry

Stop Unwanted Calls

  Sign Up For The National Do Not Call Registry. 157 million consumers depend on the Do-Not-Call list to keep annoying telemarketers…

Get Involved

Shameless and Ill-Timed: Sempra Wants $10 from SoCal Gas and SDG&E Customers

As customers of SoCal Gas struggle with the impacts of the biggest environmental disaster in California’s history at Aliso Canyon, SoCal Gas’ parent company, Sempra, is shamelessly searching for new

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PG&E fined for record-keeping violations

In the News

August 18, 2016

San Bruno aftermath: PG&E fined $25.6 million for record-keeping violations

SAN FRANCISCO — In a fresh reminder of the missteps that led to the San Bruno explosion, state regulators on Thursday slapped PG&E with a $25.6 million fine for an

PGE convicted felon

In the News

August 11, 2016

Guilty Verdict Means Felon Image for PG&E, DA Says

Aug. 10 — Pacific Gas & Electric Co., California’s largest public utility, now has a new identity— convicted felon ( United States v. PG&E Corp., N.D. Cal., No. 3:14-cr-00175, jury

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