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Speak Out Now to Stop Edison Rate H...

SoCal Edison Wants $2.3 Billion More From Customers– Can you afford higher bills to pay for executive excesses at SoCal Edison?…


With utility bills rising, more and more California consumers face the threat of being shut off from essential heat, light and hot water.…

Small Businesses Consumer Alert! Be...

Thursday, June 15, Los Angeles—Small business owners in the Los Angeles area are facing a double whammy from a combination of fraudulent…

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Don’t Sweat Your PG&E Bill- Speak Out Now!

DON’T SWEAT YOUR PG&E BILL: Speak out Now! PG&E wants to reduce baseline allowances for its residential customers. The baseline allowance is the amount of electricity you can receive at

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August 16, 2017

TOU Rates Could Spur Energy And Bill Savings, But Customer Advocates Urge Caution

As advanced metering proliferates across the residential sector, utilities are increasingly turning to time of use rates (TOU) to more accurately price electricity. Rates that send more efficient price signals,

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Southern California Edison: Let San Onofre Liability Settlement Stand

Southern California Edison called Tuesday on utility regulators to reaffirm a financial liability settlement regarding the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station after being unable to reach a

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August 12, 2017

Struggling To Keep The Lights On

STOCKTON — When 60-year-old Floria Ford fell behind on her Pacific Gas and Electric Co. payments last year, her debt quickly snowballed. At one point she owed $1,024. She says

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