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PG&E created fraud risk by not tracking diverted undergrounding money: auditors

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) power lines contacting trees and other objects is the most common cause of fires involving

PG&E’s plan to stop food spoilage PG&E CEO William Johnson testified at the Senate in November.

PG&E is proposing to give coolers to low-income customers living in wildfire-prone areas where deliberate blackouts are likely,…

Do PG&E and Edison need higher profits? California is about to decide

California’s monopoly electric utilities asked state officials to sign off on higher profits earlier this year, saying larger shareholder…

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Consumer Survey: Were You Harmed by Planned Power Outages?

We know that thousands of customers were impacted by the shutoffs and instead of feeling safe, many customers were left fearing for their safety, unprepared and angry. Schools, universities and

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What Are Smart Meters Telling Law E...

Your Right to Privacy Consumers should have control of their own energy usage data and information.  Right now, electric utilities can track your electricity usage every 15 minutes using Smart


We Don’t Need Bigger Phone Companies, We Need Better Ones!   Tell the CPUC to say NO to T Mobile’s Merger With Sprint 1. NO TANGIBLE BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS No guarantees


Electric companies are allowed to shut off power throughout their territories when the weather causes high risk of fires sparked by their equipment.  During a planned power shut off, landline

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