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Speak Out Now to Stop Edison Rate H...

SoCal Edison Wants $2.3 Billion More From Customers– Can you afford higher bills to pay for executive excesses at SoCal Edison?…

Governor Signs TURN Bill to Reduce ...

With utility bills rising, more and more California consumers face the threat of being shut off from essential heat, light and hot water.…

Small Businesses Consumer Alert! Be...

Thursday, June 15, Los Angeles—Small business owners in the Los Angeles area are facing a double whammy from a combination of fraudulent…

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Don’t Get Stuck in the Internet Slow Lane- Demand Net Neutrality

Donald Trump’s FCC appointees want to lift the regulations that require nondiscriminatory internet access through what is known as “Title II” of the Communications Act. ACT NOW to protect internet 

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December 8, 2017

Should Utilities Turn Off The Electricity When Wildfire Risk Is High?

With strong winds blowing and bone-dry conditions, utility officials in San Diego on Thursday began shutting off the power to thousands of people — a pre-emptive move to reduce the

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December 6, 2017

PG&E’s Oakland Green Power Plan Raises Questions About Higher Power Bills

OAKLAND — PG&E’s plan to use green energy to replace the electricity from an aging Oakland power plant near Jack London Square might lead to higher monthly bills for the

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November 30, 2017

A tale of 2 states: Massachusetts and California provide different lessons on growing community solar

There are lessons to be learned in why sunny California has built 0 MW of privately developed community solar and shady Massachusetts has 130 MW in place and more coming.

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