Tell The CPUC We Need Solar Equity Now

Rooftop solar is less expensive than ever to purchase and install, but solar subsidies continue to rise. Unless the CPUC modernizes this outdated program, utility bills will skyrocket for non-solar customers, and California’s transition to a clean, renewable, zero carbon electric system will be at risk.

– In 2021 alone, each non-solar customer will overpay on their bills an additional $100-230 for solar customers. By 2030 these amounts could double if the CPUC fails to act.

– Lower-income and working class families, especially those who live in communities of color, can seldom afford solar panels. And rental properties in working class neighborhoods are highly unlikely to install rooftop solar since tenants typically pay their own utility bills.

A sustainable future depends on California’s ability to equitably provide cost-effective, reliable, renewable energy to every resident. Please tell the CPUC to update solar subsidies to make clean power fair for all.