Special Interests Derail CPUC Vote

Phone company lobbying and influence have derailed a crucial vote by the CPUC on SB 1161 For Immediate Release From TURN, The Utility Reform Network May 10, 2012, FRESNO, CALIFORNIA

Consumer Groups Fear Deregulation of CA Phone Service

AT&T loves its profitable customers but not those who depend on them the most. As younger generations turn to cellphones and telecommunications firms push Internet-based voice service, traditional copper-wire land

State Senate Backs Deregulation of Internet Phone Service

Is Senate Utilities Committee in AT&T’s pocket? SACRAMENTO—An industry-backed bill that would preempt state agencies from regulating Internet-enabled voice and data transmissions won unanimous approval from a state Senate committee

Consumer Coalition Unites to Oppose SB 1161

California Coalition for Universal Service forms to fight phone deregulation For Immediate Release From the California Coalition for Universal Service Monday, April 16, 2011, Sacramento—A coalition of over 40 consumer

Consumers protest plan to super-size SBC

Bigger Phone Company Will Mean Bigger Bills For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network San Francisco—Consumer advocates today joined other opponents of the proposed SBC/AT&T merger in urging the