Many Seek to Shape NTIA Infrastructure Rules

State and local governments sought close coordination as billions of broadband dollars come from the federal infrastructure law, in comments we received. Comments are due Friday on NTIA’s request for

Calif. ICS Authority Stops at Voice, Companies Warn

Consumer and prison inmate advocates urged the California Public Utilities Commission to regulate video calling and other non-voice services used by incarcerated people to communicate with their families. But big

Podcast: Learn more about LifeLine phone service

Understanding the Lifeline program The United States has long recognized that everyone should have access to a telephone and has established a variety of government programs to achieve that end.

California’s Poorest Protest Lifeline Changes

Report and video clip of recent CPUC meetings on proposed changes to the LifeLine Program. Seniors, SRO residents and their supporters dominated a meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission

BLACKOUT: The Cost of Wireless: Less Reliable

The recent power outage in much of Southern California taught cell phone users a discomfiting lesson: Cell phones aren’t a substitute for old-fashioned wired phone service. Not only are the