Ron Kaye: The Arrogance of Power

Why are utilities so intent on forcing smart meters on their customers? In a world gone crazy, teetering on the brink of economic chaos, with thousands dying every day at

PG&E Moves Closer To SmartMeter Opt Out Option

For customer choice to be meaningful, it must be affordable SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — People who don’t want PG&E’s SmartMeters installed at their homes are getting closer to an opt-out

Smart Grid Should Not Be Cash Cow

Investor-owned utilities’ smart grid deployment proposals for California need to reflect potential costs and benefits to ratepayers, two consumer advocacy groups told the state’s Public Utilities Commission Thursday. Investor-owned utilities’

Smart Customers Want Smart Meter Privacy

The CPUC’s decision outlining new smart meter privacy protections and better consumer education are important steps in restoring customer confidence in the meters. For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform

Consumer Group Criticizes Smart Meter Study

TURN urges more transparency on smart meters A utilities consumer advocacy agency says it is being stonewalled on smart meters by the very group hired to investigate the devices. The

Smart Homeowner, Dumb PG&E

A SmartMeter or your power—that was the ultimatum one man faced when he told the installer he didn’t want one. OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO)—A SmartMeter or your power — that was

PG&E Leaves Customers in the Dark

PG&E Shuts off innocent consumers without any notice or explanation. SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5)—A Bay Area family was expecting a new power meter from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Instead,

Smart Meter Opt-In Left Out

TURN doesn’t think smart meters are all that smart. There should have been a customer "opt-in" to the PG&E wireless smart meter program when it was originally proposed as a