COVID-19 CPUC Emergency Customer Protections

In response to the Governor’s State of Emergency California Public Utilities Commission has ordered emergency protections for residential and small business utility customers receiving electricity, gas, water, sewer, and telecommunications

TURN Wins Shutoff Reductions

Thursday June 11, San Francisco– The one quarter of Californians who are energy insecure will be safer thanks to new protections that go into effect immediately.  TURN’s multi-year campaign to

Energy Shut Off Provisions Set to Expire

Every Californian should have access to the basics. SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The number of families who’ve had their power disconnected because they’ve been unable to pay has fallen this

PG&E Leaves Customers in the Dark

PG&E Shuts off innocent consumers without any notice or explanation. SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5)—A Bay Area family was expecting a new power meter from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Instead,

TURN Wins Kinder, Gentler Shut Off Policies

CPUC adopts TURN’s recommendations to prevent utility shut-offs For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network The California Public Utilities Commission today adopted key recommendations by TURN that will help