What About The Principle Of Cost Responsibility?

Southern California Edison Outlines Values For San Onofre Nuclear Plant’s Decommissioning The majority owner of San Onofre nuclear power plant wants input from environmentalists and anti-nuclear representatives as it prepares

Public sounds off on San Onofre shutdown costs

Customers Deserve Refunds for San Onofre Boondoogle Southern California Edison fired another salvo at its former contractor, demanding that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries pay it $140 million for the cost of

Who Should Pay For San Onofre?

Why are customers still paying for San Onofre? The California Public Utilities Commission is holding two public hearings Tuesday to help decide who will bear the costs of the defunct

Next steps for San Onofre: REFUNDS!

Ratepayers get the shaft in San Onofre fiasco Nearly $1 billion was charged to ratepayers of Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric Co. over the last year, and the