Climate Change Law Has Reshaped California

Just past noon on a broiling Central Valley day, the strain on California’s electrical grid is rising with the temperature. Inside the control room that runs the grid, on the

TURN Wins New Green Energy Consumer Protections

Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, San Francisco–With Governor Jerry Brown’s signature on AB 1110 (Phil Ting, D-San Francisco) consumers concerned about the environment will be able to make more informed choices
California’s Duck: More Quack than Bite

California’s Duck: More Quack than Bite

Don’t Duck Renewables Due to Reliability Fears If you’ve followed debates about California’s electricity system over the last several years, you’ve no doubt seen our friend the duck made out

TURN Wins New, Higher Standards for Renewables

TURN has been a leader in legislative efforts to require California’s regulated utilities purchase more renewable energy.  TURN’s support was key to the inclusion of higher renewable energy targets in

Trash Burning Plant Protected in Climate Fight

  CROWS LANDING Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León proposed legislation last week to increase the amount of electricity California derives from renewable sources, continuing the Capitol’s longstanding tradition