PG&E Workers Say Safety Warnings Ignored

Whistleblowers allege PG&E gave safety short shrift PG&E repeatedly ignored safety concerns raised by its employees in the years before the deadly San Bruno explosion, and the workers were sometimes

Battered PG&E Names Outsider as New CEO

Searching to regain the public’s trust after a series of blunders, PG&E on Monday named an outsider for the first time in its history as its new CEO—a Midwest energy

Smart Grid Should Not Be Cash Cow

Investor-owned utilities’ smart grid deployment proposals for California need to reflect potential costs and benefits to ratepayers, two consumer advocacy groups told the state’s Public Utilities Commission Thursday. Investor-owned utilities’

Consumer Group Criticizes Smart Meter Study

TURN urges more transparency on smart meters A utilities consumer advocacy agency says it is being stonewalled on smart meters by the very group hired to investigate the devices. The

Consumer Group Appeals Oakley Power Plant Approval

The Schwarzenegger CPUC ignored the law in approving PG&E’s unnecessary plant. OAKLEY—A consumer advocate group is asking a California court to overturn regulators’ approval of a planned PG&E power plant

CPUC Under Fire for Oakley Approval

Appeal Accuses Commission of Pandering to PG&E For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network Consumer advocates filed a rare court appeal of a California Public Utilities Commission decision late