Consumer Group Appeals Oakley Power Plant Approval

The Schwarzenegger CPUC ignored the law in approving PG&E’s unnecessary plant. OAKLEY—A consumer advocate group is asking a California court to overturn regulators’ approval of a planned PG&E power plant

CPUC Under Fire for Oakley Approval

Appeal Accuses Commission of Pandering to PG&E For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network Consumer advocates filed a rare court appeal of a California Public Utilities Commission decision late

Bay Area Power Plants Under Review

TURN opposes PG&E’s proposal to build a $1.5 billion generating plant in Oakley, CA. Separate meetings this week will mull the future of two power plants—one that might be built

Is PG&E Calling the Shots at the CPUC?

Proposed Oakley Power Plant Is Not Needed For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network TURN, The Utility Reform Network, strongly opposes the proposed new PG&E power generating plant in