TURN Defeats PG&E Again!

Even a renegade utility company like PG&E can be reined in. TURN beats back PG&E’s proposal to add new monthly charges to every customers’ bill, keeping the tiered rates system

Regulators May Crack Down On PG&E Thursday

Lambasted in the past for going too easy on PG&E, state regulators have been talking tougher in recent weeks, and have their biggest opportunity since the catastrophic natural gas-line explosion

CPUC To Slap PG&E With Fines, Set New Rules

VIDEO: TURN says California is doing the right thing by opening pipeline safety rule-making procedures because there are some actions can be taken now, instead of waiting for the end

Brown Names Consumer Advocate Mike Florio

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday appointed a staunch consumer advocate and a law school professor to a powerful state commission that regulates California’s utilities—a panel that has come under intense

TILT: Good Appointments For The PUC

Jerry Brown made some appointments to the PUC, and considering the recent tilt towards the businesses they are regulating, it’s a good start. Jerry Brown made some appointments to the