CPUC President Greenwashes His Own Pet Project

Ratepayer watchdogs slam proposed energy research project A prominent California ratepayer advocacy organization has slammed an agreement between the state’s investor-owned utilities and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to conduct

Legislature Must Rein In CPUC President

What’s under President Peevey’s tree? TURN today urged the Legislature to rein in CPUC President Michael Peevey, whose latest pet project will cost ratepayers $150 million. President Peevey has spearheaded

Legislature Must Rein In CPUC President!

Legislator proposes law to curb spending power of CPUC chief State Sen. Jerry Hill announced Wednesday that he is proposing a law that would severely curb the financial authority of

More Calls For New Leadership At The CPUC

Mothers of San Bruno PG&E blast victims urge Gov. Jerry Brown to fire state’s top utility regulator Mothers of victims killed in the PG&E pipe blast and local leaders called

SF Examiner Editorial: Remove Mitchell!

PG&E hearings can’t be hidden behind mediation Regulatory agencies established to watch over public utilities often become too close with the companies they oversee. The latest example of such cozy

CPUC Head Wants Delay of San Onofre Investigation

CPUC President Peevey goes easy on his former employer, So Cal Edison. Michael Peevey, head of the California Public Utilities Commission, recommended yesterday (Aug. 2) that the agency delay for