September 29, 2016, San Francisco—Public outrage over back room deals at the California Public Utilities Commission culminated today in the approval of legislation that limits meetings between utilities and regulators,

CPUC Reform Bill Passes Key Assembly Vote

Senator Leno’s CPUC Reform Bill Passes Key Assembly Committee July 13, 2015 SB 660 Limits the Powers of the CPUC President, Restricts Ex-Parte Communications and Sets Standards to Curb Bias

Report Shows Need for CPUC Reform and SB 660

June 22, 2015, San Franciso–In a scathing report, an independent investigation of CPUC practices and procedures has found that utilities have too much influence over CPUC decision-making.  TURN is a

Legislation Would Reform Agency Rocked by Scandal

State Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) spoke recently at a Covered California press conference in San Francisco. He’s sponsoring a new bill to reform and restructure the troubled California Public