Consumers Shut Out of CPUC Pipeline Testing Confab

TURN, The Utility Reform Network, today criticized a CPUC “symposium” on PG&E’s hydrostatic testing of gas pipelines for not including all viewpoints or stakeholders. For Immediate Release from TURN, The

Marcel Hawiger

                          Marcel Hawiger joined TURN as a staff attorney in August 1998 and represents consumers in proceedings at

PG&E Moves Closer To SmartMeter Opt Out Option

For customer choice to be meaningful, it must be affordable SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — People who don’t want PG&E’s SmartMeters installed at their homes are getting closer to an opt-out

TURN Wins New Gas Safety Consumer Protections

TURN has won important new consumer protections in the PG&E Gas Transmission and Storage settlement approved today by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). For Immediate Release From The Utility