Could CA’s climate credit bypass poor?

Everyone should share in the benefits of green energy California’s new climate credit would be counted against subsidies for many poor households in Southern California under proposals by San Diego

More Calls For New Leadership At The CPUC

Mothers of San Bruno PG&E blast victims urge Gov. Jerry Brown to fire state’s top utility regulator Mothers of victims killed in the PG&E pipe blast and local leaders called

California Goes Deep Into Special Funds

Utility customer funds are not a piggy bank! California drivers pay fees for smog checks, vehicle registrations and new tires, all supposedly for programs that benefit roadway use. Consumers pay

Rebate Debate Over Utility-Sector Cap & Trade Revenues

TURN welcomes new CPUC Commissioner’s new perspective SAN FRANCISCO—Catherine Sandoval has upended AT&T’s hopes of smooth sailing in California over its bid for T-Mobile. Sandoval, a former official with the

Proposal to Cap CA Utility Execs’ Pay

Bill would take utility executives off the gravy train A potential bill under discussion in Sacramento would limit executive compensation at California utility companies – or at least change who