Energy Efficiency Programs Continue, Controversy Remains

Utilities turn energy efficiency into a slush fund. The California Public Utilities Commission’s president will push to continue fully funding energy efficiency programs, despite the Legislature’s recent failure to extend

Edison’s Revolt Carries the Day

Energy efficiency slush fund voted down. On a day when Republican Sen. Sam Blakeslee complained about “a long string of union giveaways” in the California Legislature, it was refreshing to

TURN Files Objections to AT&T Takeover of T-Mobile

California Public Utilities Commission set to vote on investigating AT&T deal with T-Mobile. With a majority of its members now appointees of Gov. Jerry Brown, the California Public Utilities Commission

Herrera Joins Call For More CPUC Transparency

Charging that the San Bruno explosion investigation has been kept under wraps, on Wednesday consumer advocates and San Francisco’s city attorney demanded more transparency from the CPUC, claiming that the

PG&E Still Sails Smooth, And That’s The Rub

For PG&E, 2010 was a horrendous year. What consequences have PG&E and its executives faced for these blunders? None. The stock is doing just fine. When it comes to accountability,

Gov. Brown Appoints Two New Commissioners To CPUC

Policy-makers, politicians and consumers look forward to the new make-up of the Public Utilities Commission. Gov. Jerry Brown appointed two new commissioners to the California Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday.