Next steps for San Onofre: REFUNDS!

Ratepayers get the shaft in San Onofre fiasco Nearly $1 billion was charged to ratepayers of Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric Co. over the last year, and the

Edison executives’ secret spending

Edison employees rack up millions in business expenses The highest-paid 10 percent of Southern California Edison employees earned at least$418.8 million in combined total compensation during 2011, and charged at

TURN Wins Statewide Bill Reductions

Lower Utility Profits Mean Lower Electric and Gas Bills for Every Customer For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network TURN said today that a CPUC decision lowering utility profit

No Spoils for the Victor

Recently, Sandy S., a senior who lives on a fixed income, contacted TURN for information on filing a claim against PG&E after a power outage left her with a refrigerator