Summer Tips to Keep Cool For Less

Tips on How to Save Energy and Money


Use Less A/C or None at All:

  • Shades help keep heat out of the house: keep them closed during the day and open at night.
  • A ventilated attic lowers the temperature in the house.
  • Open windows allow for cross ventilation.
  • Trees on the west side of the house can provide shade, cooling the structure.
  • Fans use 90% less electricity than air conditioning.

Use Room A/C Efficiently:

  • Cooling units are more efficient when located in a shady area of the house.
  • Cool only the space that needs cooling.
  • Keep doors and windows closed.
  • Close all duct vents.

Use Central A/C Efficiently:

  • Keep the shades drawn on the east and west sides of the house.
  • Don’t run a dehumidifier while the A/C is on.
  • Don’t run the dishwasher, clothes dryer or other heat producing appliances while the A/C is on.
  • Keep the cooled space sealed off from un-cooled space.
  • Run bath and kitchen fans sparingly.

Sign up for your utility’s A/C cycling program, which lowers bills with minimal impact on home cooling:

  • Southern California Edison’s Residential Summer Discount Plan: A cycling device on your central air conditioner allows Edison to periodically turn off your AC remotely in return for a credit on your summer electric bills.  The amount of the credit is determined by the amount of cycling you choose.
  • PG&E’s SmartAC:  A SmartAC device installed on your air conditioner by PG&E can be remotely activated in anticipation of a state or local energy supply emergency, cycling your AC off in 15 minute intervals.  Customers earn rewards for participating.
  • SDG&E’s Summer Saver: A device installed by SDG&E on your central air conditioner allows SDG&E to cycle your AC off remotely for a few hours on a limited number of summer days when demand for electricity is high. This helps maintain electric reliability and rewards participants with an annual credit on their SDG&E bills.