Staff and Board

Xochitl Montano

Xochitl joined TURN in February 2022 as the Northern California Organizer. She was born and raised in San Francisco. Early in life she learned about racial, gender, economic and other

Katy Morsony

Staff Attorney/ Katy Morsony joined TURN as staff attorney in September of 2018.  An experienced litigator, Katy will be representing consumers in key energy cases at the CPUC, including wildfire
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Richard Perez

  Richard Perez joined TURN as Chief Financial Officer in January 2008. Perez is responsible for managing both day-to-day office functions and overseeing TURN’s finances. Perez is not afraid of

Constance Pierre

Constance Slider Pierre joined TURN on May, 1 2019 as the organizing director. She has spent more than 15 years organizing, managing, and directing grassroots community, and labor-organizing campaigns. Constance
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Ashley Salas

Ashley Salas joined TURN in September 2016 as a Telecommunications Staff Attorney in the San Diego office. She will be representing customers in CPUC proceedings where TURN is advocating for
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Gabriela Sandoval

Gabriela Sandoval joined TURN in April 2016 in the new position of Research Director for TURN’s Addressing the Health Impacts of Utility Shutoffs project. Gabriela will be working with community-based

Camille Stough

Camille Stough is new to TURN but not to energy law or climate justice advocacy.  Camille has been working on energy issues since she first joined her law school’s environmental

Adria Tinnin

Adria Tinnin joined TURN in March 2022 as Race Impact Policy Analyst. Adria examines TURN’s policies, practices and positions on utility-consumer advocacy work to eradicate structural and/or institutional racism that
TURN ED Mark Toney

Mark Toney

As executive director since 2008, Mark Toney aligns the TURN legal, organizing, legislative and communication staff to fight for affordable, clean and safe energy and phone service for all California

Elise Torres

Elise Torres is an energy attorney who joined TURN in September 2014. She will be representing consumers in a variety of electric and gas matters, with a focus on cases