Anthony Hoey


Anthony Hoey joined TURN in February, 2017 as Finance and Administrative Associate.
Anthony’s position involves working with every staff member at TURN, and encompasses a wide variety of duties such as directly assisting in TURN’s financial department, updating member information, answering phones, maintaining office supplies, helping with legal pleadings, and working all-round to make sure that the office is running smoothly and efficiently.

Anthony worked for Pacific Bell Telephone Company (eventually acquired by AT&T) for 18 years as a Customer Service Associate, and brings a vast amount of knowledge to his position at TURN: “When we get calls from consumers complaining about AT&T, I can always emphasize with them because I know exactly what script they have been read by AT&T. It’s nice to finally be on the other side!” In his spare time, Anthony is the Secretary of the Pride League in Alameda, CA, and has been competitive bowler for over 30 years.