Small Refund is Hugely Satisfying

A personal victory against her phone company proved to one customer that speaking out can have big rewards.

Sometimes even a small victory can yield big satisfaction for a consumer. That was the case with Peggy A., a consumer who recently contacted TURN. Peggy was empowered in part due to a personal victory she’d had against AT&T which proved to her that speaking out can have big rewards. Peggy fought back against unfair phone charges and WON. Although it didn’t involve a lot of money, Peggy found added value in standing up for herself.

Peggy had recently switched 2 personal phone lines from AT&T to another service provider. Her landline switch went smoothly, but her cell phone switch did not. AT&T billed her for cell service even after she’d switched to another company. Peggy paid the bill, but she thought the charges were unfair.

When Peggy called to complain, AT&T told her that they would not pro-rate service for a partial month, and that she should have kept her service until the end of their billing period. Peggy thought that was unacceptable, especially because her phone had literally fallen apart.

A series of phone calls ensued, in which Peggy argued with 3 different sales reps before finally “putting her foot down” and requesting to speak with a manager. “After fighting, threatening, and getting my blood pressure sky high–I told the manager–It is not legal for AT&T to keep my money!” Peggy said. The manager finally saw the light and agreed to a refund. Peggy received a check in the mail on Sept. 15th.

Although AT&T repeatedly refused her demands, she stuck to her guns, even though the amount in dispute was only $17. Peggy thought AT&T was being unfair, and fought for what she believed was right despite how little money was at stake. “I’m glad I didn’t let them keep my money,” she said. “It’s the principle. How many other customers don’t fight back?”