Services for Medical Baseline and Life Support Customers

Find out what Medical Baseline is and if you qualify

Medical Baseline programs provide an additional baseline allowance at the lowest rate for people with specific medical needs. It is not a discount or rebate. This program is available if you, or a family member or a full-time resident has a medical condition, such as being a paraplegic, having multiple sclerosis or scleroderma, or a compromised immune system or life-threatening illness.

Many medical conditions may qualify if the condition requites special heating or cooling essential to sustain the patient[s life (as determined by a licensed doctor). Life support equipment includes any medical device used to sustain life or relied upon for mobility (as determined by a licensed doctor). Equipment must be used in the home. Equipment Used for therapy rather than for life support generally does no qualify for medical baseline.

To apply check out the following company’s Medical Baseline pages:

PG&E or call (800) 743-5000

SDG&E or call (800) 411-7343

Edison or call (800) 411-8123

SoCalGas or call (800) 427-2200