How to Protect Yourself from Mobile Phone Data Tracking


Here are some resources to help you learn about mobile phone data tracking and how to protect yourself and your family from being tracked.

60 Minutes Probes Data Tracking:
Geo-location data on individuals has become a hot commodity.  “It’s the kind of information that really talks about who you are on a day to day basis. Where you go and who you might be visiting with, what shops you may frequent. What time you come home. What time you leave.” (Commissioner Julie Brill, Federal Trade Commission).

According to the FTC report, “Mobile Apps for Kids: Disclosures Still Not Making the Grade,” information from children’s apps that is routinely shared with third parties (without disclosure to parents) includes geolocation, telephone numbers, and the device identification. More on cell phone safety for children here:

TURN OFF Tracking
TURN OFF LOCATION TRACKING (But you won’t be able to use a variety of apps that require your location in the same way)
Consumer Reporter Michael Finney of KGO TV in San Francisco explains the privacy settings on your phone.

Don’t Let My Phone Company Track Me: Time Magazine’s Advice on how to TURN OFF location tracking. Your Smartphone May Be Tracking Your Every Move