More Renewables is a Victory for California Consumers

Passage of SB2X signals more clean, green and affordable energy for California consumers.

For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network

TURN, The Utility Reform Network, said today that passage of SB2X, increasing the state’s renewable energy requirement to 33% by 2020, will not only protect the environment, but will also protect customers from volatile and rising fossil fuel prices. Renewable energy provides additional benefits, including jobs and tax revenues, when it is produced in California, rather than purchased in the form of tradable credits from other parts of the Western United States.

Key provisions of the legislation:

  • Establishes aggressive, achievable and uniform targets and timetables for all utilities and suppliers of electricity.
  • Caps total customer costs for all renewable energy purchases used to meet the requirements.
  • Maximizes consumer benefits by requiring all electric companies, whether publicly, privately or investor-owned, to purchase renewables that deliver superior environmental and economic value to California communities.
  • Limit the use of Tradable Renewable Energy Credits, which deprive California consumers of the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy.

“The real promise of renewable energy is that it can be clean, green and affordable,” said TURN staff attorney Matt Freedman. “During deregulation, we saw how much damage runaway electric markets can do. Senate Bill 2X makes sure that the California’s utilities increase their use of clean power in a manner that promotes stable rates, drives technology innovation, and positions California as a national leader in sustainable energy policy.”

Freedman said that it was a relief to see the bill signed into law after years of obstruction from former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who vetoed a similar bill in 2009 and threatened a veto in 2010. “While proclaiming himself the Green Governor to audiences around the world, Schwarzenegger systematically blocked meaningful environmental progress here at home. California is going to be much greener without him standing in the way of real progress.”