“Customers Should Not Have to Pay a Dime for This Debacle”

Oct. 17, 2019, San Francisco–TURN, California’s established voice for utility consumers, today urged customers who suffered losses due to PG&E’s planned outages to file claims with PG&E.  While PG&E has not committed to pay such claims, that shouldn’t stop customers from documenting their damages and demanding justice from PG&E, and  from the California Public Utilities Commission, which authorized PG&E’s botched shutoff plan.  Overall damages resulting from the shutoffs are estimated at 2-3 billion dollars.

“PG&E should not be allowed to swindle customers by discouraging claims,” said TURN executive director Mark Toney.  “We are also advising customers to complain to the CPUC, whose initial oversight of this program was obviously weak.  The CPUC should step in and require PG&E to compensate customers for the costs of planned shutoffs.  We don’t think consumers should have to pay a dime for this debacle.  It should be paid out of profits, not rates.”

“TURN is renewing our call for the judge in PG&E’s criminal case to put the company in receivership, and to ban PG&E from lobbying and making political contributions,” Toney added.  “It has never been clearer that the managers of PG&E are not to be trusted.  The CPUC and the judges in PG&E’s bankruptcy and criminal cases should join together to use their authority to get PG&E to comply with tree-trimming and inspection requirements, and stop the flow of money to bankruptcy lawyers and overpaid, underperforming executives and the financial firms that back them.”