Consumers Unite to Fight Edison Rate Hikes

Turn speaks out against Edison rate hikes

For Immediate Release From The Utility Reform Network

TURN, The Utility Reform Network, said today that the timing and reasons for the massive rate hikes proposed by Southern California Edison are all wrong. According to TURN, if consumers unite the rate hikes can be stopped, and upcoming public participation hearings being held in southern California are the best opportunity for customers to have an impact.

“Consumers should come out in full force,” said TURN executive director Mark Toney. “Lost your job? Unpaid bills piling up? House underwater? If higher energy bills would cause problems for you, your family, your business or your community, now is the time to speak out.” The California Public Utilities Commission is sponsoring the hearings, and encourages members of the public to attend and air their concerns.

Toney said much of Edison’s demand for $ 3.6 billion more from customers has nothing to do with reliability. For example, he said, TURN is challenging Edison’s need for:

  • $1 billion in new software.
  • $1.2 million for avatars and other elements of a “virtual world” for employees.
  • $26 million more on executive bonuses and stock shares
  • TURN representatives and members will join other consumers in speaking out.