TURN Supports AB 1184: EVs Should Be Affordable for Everyone

Asm. Phil Ting receives TURN consumer champion award.

California Electric Vehicle Initiative

San Francisco City Hall

June 28, 2017

TURN Supports AB 1184: Visionary for Planet & Pocketbook!

“TURN is a lead supporter of the California EV Initiative, an important step in meeting California’s climate goals because it protects our planet and our pocketbooks at the same time.   Increased EV adoption is a public good that should be paid for by public money, not through struggling families’ electric bills, as PG&E, SoCal Edison and SDG&E have urged.” –Mark Toney, Executive Director, TURN

AB 1184 protects our planet

AB 1184 (Phil Ting, D-San Francisco) protects our planet by offering upfront rebates to lower the costs of EVs the initiative targets the primary barrier to EV adoption for low and moderate-income Californians.

The declining rebate structure of the program gives incentives to people who need it the most and will help jumpstart the EV market and eventually lower the price of EVs similar to the impact of the California Solar Initiative on the solar market and solar panel costs.

AB 1184 protects our pocketbooks

AB 1184 protects our pocketbooks by allocating an array of state revenues to fund the California EV initiative, without adding additional costs to consumers’ utility bills. This is important because ratepayers are already doing our part by paying for hundreds of millions of dollars for EV charging stations throughout the state.

Assemblymember Phil Ting is a visionary leader

The California EV Initiative is but one of many examples that distinguish Asm Phil Ting as a visionary leader on climate change in California, nationally, and globally. TURN is proud to stand with Phil Ting and share in his vision of consumer protection and empowerment.