ADVISORY: CPUC Set to Allow PG&E to Pass on Pipeline Costs


The CPUC is set to vote Thursday, June 23, 2016, on a proposal to give PG&E $594 million more of customer’s money under the guise of pipeline safety.

PG&E is currently facing federal criminal charges for its pipeline neglect, which prosecutors say was fueled by corporate decision-making that put profits before people again and again.

Many of the costs PG&E now wants customers to cover are a result of PG&E’s failure to properly maintain inspection and testing records, or follow up on reported problems. TURN is urging the CPUC to hold PG&E accountable for these failures and not require customers to pay again for testing and repairs that were not done correctly the first time or not recorded properly.

  • PG&E customers have already paid hundreds of millions for pipeline safety.
    • PG&E has already won approval for $300 million more in gas rates since 2012.
    • PG&E wants more increases in its 2017 general rate case.
  • The CPUC let PG&E get away with pipeline neglect for years.
    • In current criminal trial PG&E is accursed of missing records, negligence and failure to follow safety rules.
  • PG&E should pay to fix its own mistakes.
    • Customers should not have to pay again for testing, repairs and records that PG&E failed to do right the first time.
    • PG&E is already reaping huge profits on customers’ dime.

Details of pipeline costs based on past imprudence that TURN wants disallowed:

A13-12-012_TURN ex parte notice_6-15-16