$10 Billion for Undergrounding Requires PG&E to Slash Other Costs!


$10 billion in undergrounding increases proposed GRC capital spending by 24%, from $31 billion to $38 billion*

  • PG&E reduced other capital spending by $3 billion due to undergrounding, resulting in a net increase of $7 billion in capital spending.
  • PG&E estimates the bill impacts of this record-breaking increase for the average residential non-CARE customer as $36/month, an increase of $432/yearbefore the $7 billion increase for undergrounding is taken into account.
  • PG&E estimates the bill impacts of this increase for the average residential CARE customer as $24/month, an increase of $288/year.

CPUC Must Live Up to Its Commitment to Affordable Bills & Reject Stunning PG&E Proposal

  • Mindboggling PG&E increases are a punch in the gut to millions of California residents hurting economically from the pandemic and struggling to get back on their feet.
  • The proposed GRC increases are on top of 20% PG&E bill increases already approved in 2022, and do not include PG&E’s $5.5 billion wildfire mitigation spending not yet approved.
  • The CPUC needs to protect affordable monthly bills by capping all rate increases at the rate of inflation, or the COLA increase received each year by people on Social Security.

TURN will release a statement discussing the details of the PG&E proposal to underground thousands of miles of existing wires after thorough review.

Contact: Mark Toney • Executive Director • TURN mtoney@turn.org • 510 590 2862