Power@Home: Keep The Lights on for 800,000 California Households!

What is the Power@Home Campaign?

Power@Home is a broad based multi-year campaign to ensure that all of California’s families have access to clean, reliable and affordable energy.

TURN believes that we can and should live in a society where essential services such as electricity, broadband and phone services are treated as basic rights for all families.

TURN believes no one should be cut off from essential electricity, gas or phone service. We work to ensure that all Californians receive fair and equitable rates, strong consumer protections, and benefit from cleaner energy.

What is Emergency Debt Relief?

The moratorium prohibiting utility shutoffs, adopted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in March of 2020, has protected over 800,000 California households from losing essential utility service. However, when utility shutoff protections expire on June 30, 2021, these customers will have to pay all uncollected amounts that have accumulated over the previous 13 months. Hundreds of thousands of Californians will face a mountain of debt without the means to pay. This debt is likely to result in the loss of utility services.

That is why, debt erasure for utility bills is needed; to give these families the fresh start they deserve. Without necessary emergency relief, the numbers of people at or near poverty will only increase, making it impossible for millions to pay for mounting utility costs, stay warm and keep the lights on. Learn more here.

TURN has joined with nearly 20 statewide partners from the social service, housing, aging adults, and public health sectors to call on Governor Newsom to act now by allocating $2 billion dollars for energy debt relief. Read our letter.

Take Action: Tell Governor Newsom to Keep the Lights On!

Don’t let our fellow Californians sit in the dark. Please take action now.

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