PG&E’s latest rate hike proposals driven by greed, Not Need

Utility Rate Increase Opposed

PG&E wants to raise utility rates. Critics say it would be one of the largest increases history.

If approved, the rate hike would amount to $12 per month between gas and electric services. The California Public Utilities Commission has to give the final okay.

That will likely happen before the end of the year, but not before extensive public input. from all over the state. Wednesday afternoon and evening meetings in downtown Fresno are just two of many held all over the state.

The Utility Reform Network voiced opposition to the rate increase. They feel PG&E is being greedy and doesn’t have a good enough track record to be offered more money.

Other non-profits say a small amount of money for some people is a lot to others. In a lackluster economy, $12 a month could mean less food for children and families.

PG&E argues that even if the increase is approved, their customers would still be paying less than the national average, and they’d be buying into their own future. $1.28 billion raised would be spent on infrastructural improvements.