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  by TURN Telecommunications Director Regina Costa   The demise of the Comcast-Time Warner merger is a spectacular win for the public – broadband, phone and video customers and the writers

PG&E to Pay $1.6 B in San Bruno Penalties

Thursday, April 9, 2015, San Francisco–TURN said today that while nothing will undo the sorrow and devastation caused by PG&E’s fatal San Bruno explosion, today’s decision by the California Public

PUC’s Peevey Pushed SDG&E Energy Deal

  By MARC LIFSHER Michael Peevey pushed a deal that forced SDG&E to buy ‘costly and unneeded’ power, Calif. lawmakers are toldThe then-president of the Public Utilities Commission strong-armed a

The Inside Scoop on SONGS

You may have heard about a settlement that TURN and other consumer groups entered into addressing the costs of Edison’s botched nuclear plant, the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

TURN Wins FCC Investigation!

  As phone companies move customers to bundles of shiny new technologies, the essential core values of public safety, universal access, competitive choice and consumer protection must be preserved.  TURN