believes we can and should live in a society where power, broadband and phone services are treated as basic rights for all families.

The Connection Between Energy Insecurity & Homelessness

TURN believes:
  • Any strategy that benefits rooftop solar users at the expense of all others, or persists at the expense of another community, is morally unjustifiable and systemically bound to fail. There is never justification for leaving any community behind—especially when the system intentionally and disproportionately benefits wealthier neighborhoods and households.
  • Any utility rate strategy that fails to control customer costs will undermine our state’s progress towards alternative energy; utility rates will be too high for many California residents to transition to renewable energy sources.
  • Our solutions cannot be either/or practices. A successful path forward must be an equitable and creative mix of strategies, including rooftop and other kinds of solar, appropriately tailored to support the diversity that is California.
Living Without Power documents energy insecurity and public health threats by:
  • Mapping utility disconnections in California so that we can see where and in what communities they are concentrated.
  • Partnering with grassroots communities across northern, central, and southern California to conduct community research linking utility shutoffs with health impact.
  • Sharing stories and lived experiences of California residents struggling with energy insecurity to humanize them and remove the stigma of being shut off.
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