Join Us 6/16 in Costa Mesa: Learn How Much You’ll Save

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! TURN has entered into a settlement with SoCal Edison and SDG&E to refund millions customers have already paid for the failed steam tubes at the San Onofre nuclear power plant. This guarantees savings now rather than gambling for savings later through CPUC litigation. Under the settlement, Edison cannot charge you any more for the steam tube debacle or many other previously approved nuclear plant costs.

The settlement will reduce your rates, and hold you harmless for Edison’s mistakes. If it turns out the steam tube defects were the fault of Mitsubishi, the manufacturer, you’ll share in any recovery Edison gets from them. In addition, customers will receive the lion’s share of hundreds of millions of dollars Edison will likely receive through sales of nuclear fuel.

The terms, negotiated by TURN and the Office of Ratepayer Advocates, will immediately save customers $1.4 billion, with additional savings further down the road.

If the settlement is approved by the CPUC, your refunds will be credited against future bills.  Lower bills are music to our ears!

Want to learn more? Join us in Costa Mesa on June 16, 4-7pm at the Community Center, 1845 Park Ave, for a public meeting to discuss the settlement, and how it would impact you.