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PG&E Accused of Trying to Profit From Explosion

TURN and Assemblymember Jerry Hill Say PG&E Should Pay For, Not Profit From, Pipeline Safety SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO)—The pipeline disaster in San Bruno 16 months ago exposed many problems

Proposal to Cap CA Utility Execs’ Pay

Bill would take utility executives off the gravy train A potential bill under discussion in Sacramento would limit executive compensation at California utility companies – or at least change who

PUC President to Oversee Possible Fines of PG&E

The decision of California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey to personally oversee a key inquiry into possible fines against PG&E for the 2010 San Bruno pipeline disaster was denounced

CPUC President Appoints Self in San Bruno Probe

Michael Peevey appoints himself to head the San Bruno investigation. The head of the state Public Utilities Commission—faulted by critics for its lax safety oversight during his tenure—has put himself

SDG&E’s Energy-Saving Outpost Opens

I’ll see whenever I come across one San Diego Gas & Electric is opening a ratepayer-funded showpiece for energy efficiency that expands the utility’s role as an adviser on power