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Struggling To Keep The Lights On

STOCKTON — When 60-year-old Floria Ford fell behind on her Pacific Gas and Electric Co. payments last year, her debt quickly snowballed. At one point she owed $1,024. She says

How A Heat Wave Becomes Life-Threatening

With scorching temperatures and threatening brush fires, there’s renewed conversation on heat and health in California. But there isn’t enough attention on the health consequences for families who face a

Before Frontier Communications took over Verizon’s California landlines last year, the company insisted that it knew how to make money from aging phone networks that bigger telecom companies didn’t know

When A Nuclear Plant Shuts Down, Who Pays?

California’s San Onofre nuclear plant, on the Pacific coast between San Diego and Los Angeles, hasn’t generated electricity since early 2012. That’s when both reactors were taken offline after premature

PG&E Customers Could Pay New Rates For Power

If state regulators approve, a quarter of a million Californians scattered across Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s vast service territory will, in March, begin paying different prices for power at