Clothesline Protection Bill Signed

California became a right-to-dry state with Governor Jerry Brown’s signature Assembly Bill 1448. This legislation, sponsored by TURN. would allow tenants to utilize natural sunlight to dry laundered items within certain restrictions.
“Growing up my family and many of my neighbors used clotheslines as the way to dry their clothes and other laundry,” said Assemblywoman Patty López (D-San Fernando). “Californians can now do their part for the environment while saving money on their electric bill by using the sunlight to dry their laundry.”

Current law does not codify the use of a clothesline for tenants or residents who live within a Homeowners Association. California will now join six other states which include Florida, Maine, Utah, Vermont, Colorado, and Hawaii to place in statute for residents to utilize low-cost clotheslines. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, a typical household could save an average of 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere by foregoing the use of an electric dryer. AB 1448 comes at a time when utility shutoffs have significantly increased as energy-cost have risen and as we save a state move toward reducing our carbon footprint.

“Tenants who chose to use a clothesline should not be threatened with eviction, and homeowners should not be limited to using an electric or gas powered dryers only,” said TURN executive director Mark Toney. “As we move California toward a cleaner, greener energy future, we shouldn’t forget that there are low-cost, low-tech solutions to the urgent problem of climate change.”