Help Us Stop Punishment Pricing!

During the summer months, it can be hard to beat the sweltering California heat.  A new CPUC proposal would make it even harder — by charging customers a premium during the hottest times of the day. 

Unless we stop it, the CPUC will instruct utilities to impose “punishment pricing,” drastically raising prices for daytime electric use on hot days, regardless of how much you use.  

That’s why TURN sponsored SB 1090 (Fuller).  This bill would force the CPUC to study the impacts of time variant pricing BEFORE it could be made the default.  The goal is to determine if senior citizens and residents of hot, inland areas will undergo too much economic hardship to mandate default time-based pricing.  

Tell the Governor: sign SB 1090

Not everyone has the luxury to turn off their electricity during the day, especially senior citizens on other vulnerable customers, for whom air conditioning can be a necessity.  That’s why it is also a necessity that the Asembly pass SB 1090 for an understanding of the effects of time variant pricing.  

Senator Fuller’s bill provides vital consumer protections for her constituents in Bakersfield and all customers that could be harmed by punishing, time-based prices. 

Tell the Governor: sign SB 1090

We saw what happened with untested energy policies during the deregulation disaster.  Let’s make sure we don’t rush headlong into another untested energy experiment. 

Help Us Stop Punishment Pricing Today!