Has Frontier Kept Its’ Promise To You?

Customers cannot afford to pay the cost for Frontier’s continued mismanagement and bankruptcy!



Frontier California is a broadband, phone and video provider serving approximately two million customers across California.  Despite receiving large subsidies from both the state and federal government, Frontier has not provided quality reliable service throughout its’ service territory.  In fact, some parts of its’ territory go under served with poor and failing phone connection and substandard access to broadband.  Now as Frontier emerges from bankruptcy, the CPUC is tasked with ensuring that Frontier’s plan post bankruptcy is in the public interest.  The CPUC is responsible to ensure that Frontier does not saddle their customers with high bills while their shareholders rake in profits.  The CPUC must also ensure that Frontier has a plan to provide quality reliable service in all of its’ territory.

Hold Frontier Accountable!

Frontier’s emergence from bankruptcy could mean disaster for its’ customers if the CPUC does not freeze bills for residential broadband customers, require Frontier to provide quality, affordable broadband, video and phone service including quality affordable Lifeline for low income customers.  The CPUC must protect customers from paying for Frontier’s bankruptcy.

Hold Frontier Accountable!

Without strong mandates Frontier will remain unchecked and service quality will continue to deteriorate while prices sky-rocket for customers –all while share holders continue to make big profits.

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