Happy Holidays, TURN Champions!

Thanks to you and thousands of other TURN members around the state, 2016 will be remembered as a banner year for public utility consumers. Together we held the big corporations accountable to protecting your rights and your pocketbook.

  1. SB 660 Adopted! We won CPUC reform to limit private meetings and backroom deals with utility executives.   We’re grateful to Senators Mark Leno and Ben Hueso for fighting for consumers and to Governor Brown for signing the bill.
  2. AB 2395 Defeated! We defeated AT&T’s attempt to abandon landline phone service anywhere it pleased, with lots of help from the Communications Workers of America and County Supervisors in Mendocino, Sonoma and other rural counties.
  3. Stopped Rate Increases! We saved Southern California and San Diego gas customers $620 million by convincing the CPUC to deny Sempra permission for an expensive and unnecessary North–South Pipeline .
  4. Welcomed TURN-San Diego! This fall TURN opened up a new office in downtown San Diego, where senior Telecom Senior Attorney Christine Mailloux and our new staff attorney Ashley Salas live.

I want to share with you some of the key priorities that TURN has in 2017, because I am going to need your help to hold the energy and phone companies accountable for fair rates and reliable service.


  1. Keep the Lights On! I need your help to ally with advocates in Long Beach, San Bernardino, San Diego, Fresno and Oakland to demand new CPUC policies that reduce dangerous and deadly utility shutoffs by protecting medically vulnerable households, requiring utility companies to offer affordable payment plans, and stop monthly bills from skyrocketing. In 2015, utility service was terminated for 816,000 California households—leaving about 2 million people, mostly children, in the dark.
  2. Protect your Privacy!   I need your help to bring together grassroots communities, privacy activists, elected officials, and the media to pressure the CPUC to adopt stronger protections for16 million smart phone users in California by updating privacy rules to govern sales or your personal data and information that have exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry that tracks you every 7 seconds.
  3. Hold on to your Pocketbook! I need your help to protect Edison customers from a multi-billion requested rate increase, and will be notifying you when public hearings across Southern California are scheduled. I need you help to make sure that Sempra customers don’t get stuck with the bills from the Aliso Canyon disaster, that PG&E customers don’t overpay for shuttering Diablo Canyon and SDG&E customers don’t get hosed for electric vehicle charging stations in obscure locations nobody uses.
  4. Hang on to Your Phone! I need your help to stop AT&T from bullying the state legislature into letting them abandon the landline telephone network in California, like they tried to do last year. We know from your surveys that we need to make sure any new telecommunication networks provide maximum connectivity, with reliable, access to 911, top notch service for disabled consumers, and compatibility with home security systems, medical monitoring, and faxes and other business machines—the same quality you’ve enjoyed with copper landlines.


And finally, I need your help to make sure that the benefits of renewable energy, high speed Internet access, strong consumer protections and public input that we have enjoyed in are not reversed by Federal government. You can count on TURN to fight at the Federal Communications Commission to protect net neutrality rules, and to oppose grid regionalization that would give California less control over our energy future.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and commitment. I promise to keep you informed of other issues that affect your pocketbook and your safety.




Mark Toney's Signature

Mark Toney

Executive Director