Energy-Efficiency Programs For California Customers

Full list of energy-efficiency programs and rebates

Dear Consumer Advisor,
Since the “energy crisis” in California, I’ve heard a lot about energy-efficiency programs and rebates. I know that many of these programs are funded by the public purpose charge that appears on my utility bill every month. Since I’m paying for these programs, I’d like to benefit from them. However, I don’t know what programs and rebates are available or how do go about finding this information. Do you have any suggestions?

Sincerely, Want A. Rebate

Dear Want A. Rebate,
There are various programs and rebates available for energy-efficiency appliances and improvements. First, you want to find out what is available through your utility. You can call them, or go to their website, where a list of programs and rebates with detailed information is available in the section for residential customers. You should be aware that rebate applications are usually considered on a first come, first-served basis until funding is depleted. Additionally, the following list does not cover everything that is available. The Database of Incentives/Policies for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) maintains a list of programs available to residential and business consumers in California and other states.

Check with your utility for more information.

For Customers of PG&E:

Single Family Energy Efficiency Rebate Program


  • Clothes Washer $50
  • Gas Water Heater $200
  • Electric Water Heater $500
  • Swimming Pool Pump $100

Heating and Cooling

  • HVAC System up to $1,125
  • Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade from $3,000 to$6,500


  • Lighting Products $1 – $10 (included in price)

For Customers of SCE:

Home Energy Efficiency Rebates Program


  • Refrigerator $50
  • Electric Water heater $200
  • Electric Water Heater $30
  • Swimming Pool Pump $200

Heating and Cooling:

  • Window Evaporative Cooler $200
  • Evaporative Cooler $400
  • Central Air Conditioner $750
  • Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade from $3,000 to$6,500

For Customers of SDG&E:

Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

SDG&E offers a Rebate of the Month, which features a different appliance rebate every month.


  • Refrigerator $25
  • Gas or Electric Water Heater $100 to $250
  • Pool pump and motor with automatic controller — multi-speed $200
  • Handheld Showerhead, Kitchen Faucet Aerator, Bathroom Faucet Aerator, LED sensor nightlight $0

Heating and Cooling:

For Customers of SoCalGas:

Single Family Energy Efficiency Rebate Program


  • Clothes Washer $50 to $75
  • Cold Water Clothes Washer $200
  • Natural Gas Water Heater $100
  • Tankless Water heater $150 to $200
  • Low Flow Showerhead $15
  • Natural Gas Dryer $50
  • Three Faucet Aerators, Low-Flow Showerhead $0

Heating and Cooling:


There are also various rebate programs offered in local areas through non-utility agencies and companies (that are still, however, paid for through charges on your bill). For example, Home Upgrade from the Bay Area Regional Energy Network. You’ll learn how heating, air conditioning, insulation, water, and other systems can all work together to effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce energy costs. Rebates and incentives are available for home improvements that include air sealing; duct sealing; attic insulation; high-efficiency furnaces, cooling systems, and water systems; wall insulation; and more.

If you are a PG&E, SCE, SDG&E or SoCal Gas customer: o find out what non-utility rebate programs are available in your area, or to check on what’s available for multi-family units, businesses, call the California Energy Commission’s Energy-Efficiency and Demand Analysis Division at 800-555-7794.

(Updated July 2016)