PG&E Says “Trust Us”- We Say Why Would We?

Can you blame us?

PG&E, the criminal felon responsible for the deaths of over 100 of its customers, wants pre-payment of $1.4 billion of your money, ostensibly for wildfire safety.

Instead of having this safety work reviewed by the CPUC, PG&E is demanding that customers pay in advance for costs to be proved later.  TURN is urging the CPUC not to trust PG&E.

Tell the CPUC not to trust PG&E, and not to pre-approve.  Instead:

-PG&E should submit documentation of expenses incurred for demonstrable safety improvements.
-The CPUC should send field inspectors to verify the quality of PG&E’s work wildfire safety and catastrophic event response work.
-The CPUC should conduct a comprehensive reasonableness review to determine how much of the $1.4 billion, if any, is well-spent and not to cover deferred maintenance, inadequate inspections or a direct result of negligence by career criminal PG&E.

Tell the CPUC not to trust PG&E