Done With Verizon’s Early Termination Fees

TURN’s advice helped a member get out of a Verizon contract for a cell phone that didn’t work where she lived

“Done” purchased a two-year “family plan” for herself and her two daughters from Verizon that turned out to be a sentence to cell hell. The phones would drop calls a few seconds after making a connection, making conversation impossible. She contacted Verizon customer service repeatedly, but the problems persisted. After two and a half months of getting the runaround, and complete dissatisfaction with the products she’d purchased, Done wanted to cancel. Even though her problems with the phones were documented, Verizon tried to shake her down for an early termination fee of $175 for each phone, $525!

Done called TURN’s consumer advisor, who told her that although the phone companies have succeeded in stopping legislation to outlaw early termination fees consumers can and should resist.

Done fought back—and won! She recently wrote: Thanks very much for your help with my dealings with Verizon. The information you provided really helped to bolster my arguments. Yesterday afternoon, they agreed to let my two daughters and I out of our contract, without the penalty! They’d already agreed that they could not provide me with the service we’d signed up for. They tried to make the case that my two daughters were separate contracts, but let go of this argument.

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