Top Ten Reasons to Give to TURN

Protect and expand your rights! TURN is the leader on utility issues, holding utility corporations accountable by demanding affordable rates and strong consumer protections that keep everyone connected to essential services. Every penny you give TURN comes back to you in millions of dollars in defeated rate hikes.

10.  Fiscal Responsibility — 90 cents of every dollar donated to TURN goes directly to our programs on behalf of California consumers.

9.   Fight Corporate Greed — Without TURN there to stop them, the utility companies can raise rates whenever they please.

8.   Help Vulnerable Families — TURN fights for important protections for at-risk families and low-income communities.

7.   Lower Your Bills — TURN members receive updates on all the latest conservation and discount programs, and advice on how to be smart, savvy consumers.

6.   Stop the Rip-offs — TURN makes sure the utility companies provide all the services that consumers pay for and wins refunds when utilities don’t deliver or fail to play by the rules.

5.   Help When You Need It Most — TURN members receive priority access to our Consumer Hotline if you are faced with a shut-off or other dispute with your utility company.

4.   Know Your Rights — TURN members receive the Utility Consumers Guide, full of helpful information about consumers’ rights.

3.   Get More Green for Your Green — If it’s not affordable it’s not sustainable. TURN advocates for real solutions to climate change, and challenges expensive, pie-in-the-sky proposals that the utilities try to justify by slapping a green label on them.

2.   Save Billions of Dollars — TURN’s advocacy work has already saved Californians more than 10 billion dollars in unfair rate hikes.

1.   Have Your Say on Issues Affecting Your Life, Health, and Safety — TURN amplifies your voice before policy makers and elected leaders so your views can be heard over the buzz of corporate lobbyists.

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