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PG&E Raising Electricity Rates

Trashed Meters= Profits for PG&E PG&E will raise electricity rates to make up for the profits it is losing by replacing older, analog meters with electronic SmartMeters, even though the

PG&E Worries About Its San Bruno-Related Costs

TURN’s Marcel Hawiger says San Bruno disaster should not become a blank check for P&GE. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. says state regulators are creating "arbitrary" roadblocks to delay it

PG&E Finds Some SmartMeters Erred When Too Hot

Mark Toney says customer complaints about smart meter continue to pour into TURN. Almost 1,600 Pacific Gas and Electric Co. SmartMeters harbor a defect that can overcharge customers when the

CEO Leaves Under A Cloud

TURN to protest ratepayer funding of PG&E CEO’s golden parachute. Seven months after the deadly San Bruno gas pipeline explosion, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. announced that Chairman and CEO

Failed PG&E CEO To Leave

After a series of mistakes and disasters, does CEO Peter Darbee really have to be paid $35 million to leave PG&E? SAN FRANCISCO (KGO)—The man blamed for creating the corporate