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Feds Blast PG&E and Utilities Commission

CPUC and PG&E faulted for failures leading up to San Bruno explosion Why it took two deadly gas pipeline explosions for Pacific, Gas and Electric and the California Public Utilities

PG&E Should Put Profits into Pipeline Safety

PG&E’s $2.2 billion pipeline plan triggers outrage PG&E on Friday unveiled an extensive pipeline modernization plan that would cost $2.2 billion over the next four years—an effort to prevent another

Who Should Pay For PG&E To Play Catch-Up?

PG&E upgrades to increase rates PG&E Corp. said customers will pay $768.7 million to upgrade the company’s natural gas pipeline network in wake of the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion

State PUC Chief Works Dinner for Lobbyist

CPUC President Peevey is too cozy with the companies he regulates One of the first things the head of the California Public Utilities Commission did upon returning from his recent

PG&E Workers Say Safety Warnings Ignored

Whistleblowers allege PG&E gave safety short shrift PG&E repeatedly ignored safety concerns raised by its employees in the years before the deadly San Bruno explosion, and the workers were sometimes