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PG&E Boosts Safety-Upgrade Plans

Who should pay for pipeline improvements? PG&E Corp.’s new chief executive outlined a broad plan to bump up spending on the California utility’s gas-pipeline network, hoping to restore public confidence

Frisco Utility Needs a Reboot

Critics agree: change is needed at PG&E. TO GET ITS MOJO BACK in its home state of California, Pacific Gas and Electric executives, led by new Chief Executive Anthony F.

PG&E Paid for Survey on San Bruno Blast Stories

Does PG&E really need a survey to find out what customers think of them? SAN FRANCISCO—Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has spent shareholders’ money on a survey measuring the public-opinion

PG&E Moves Closer To SmartMeter Opt Out Option

For customer choice to be meaningful, it must be affordable SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — People who don’t want PG&E’s SmartMeters installed at their homes are getting closer to an opt-out

Edison’s Revolt Carries the Day

Energy efficiency slush fund voted down. On a day when Republican Sen. Sam Blakeslee complained about “a long string of union giveaways” in the California Legislature, it was refreshing to

NTSB Investigating Gas Line Explosion in Cupertino

TURN wants PG&E to find leaks before they explode, not after. CUPERTINO, Calif. (KGO)—Federal investigators are looking into a gas line explosion at a Cupertino condominium complex. The explosion happened