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Florez Overlooked In Commission Appointments

Former Bakersfield senator was mentioned as a possible CPUC appointment, but not chosen by Governor Brown. Commission President Michael Peevey complimented former TURN attorney Michel Florio: “I have known Commissioner

Consumer Advocates Appointed To Utilities Commission

Utility consumer advocates have secured influential roles on California government bodies, potentially helping the state buck years of policies that activists have criticized as too friendly to the energy industry.

Utility Reform May Be On The Horizon

Gov. Brown expected to appoint a new regulator this week to police power companies. TURN is looking for independent commissioners who have the guts and the backbone to stand up

Nancy Ryan Given Leadership Role On Utility Panel

Mark Toney tells reporters, “Nancy Ryan is an extremely talented energy professional” Gov. Jerry Brown made his first staffing choice Friday on the California Public Utilities Commission, a regulatory body

PG&E Increased Pressure on Pipelines Temporarily

PG&E has been temporarily increasing the pressure on some natural gas transmission lines to their maximum limit since 2003, including the San Bruno pipeline that exploded, but refuses to say