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Letter From Our ED—September 2006

Good intentions are fine, but when the CPUC and the energy companies they regulate start to talk about how they want to put those good intentions into action, watch your

Letter From Our ED—June 2006

TURN’s advocacy efforts take a variety of shapes in a number of different forums. In many ways we are known best for the work of our staff advocates who appear

Letter From Our ED—July 2005

TURN celebrates turning 30-something with a party and by continuing to fight for ration energy and telecommunications policy. What a year 2005 is shaping up to be! On the phone

Letter From Our ED—April 2005

There’s strength in numbers. TURN knows the truth of that adage all-too-well. Normally we think about it in terms of the strength TURN gains from its thousands of members. There

From TURN’s ED—January 2005

Fall is always a season of transition, and this year is no exception on any number of fronts for TURN and our members. Despite continuing to be massively outnumbered and