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Incarcerated and detained people and their families are forced to rely on ruthless phone service providers such as GTL and Securus to stay connected.


Phone providers are chosen by local and state agencies that receive kickbacks in exchange for exclusive contracts.


Families are forced to pay high per-minute phone rates, additional related fees for each call, to add money to accounts, and to check balances.


Paying high costs for calls to remain connected to an incarcerated family member forces families to choose between contact with loved ones and paying for rent or other necessities.


High cost phone calls create barriers for families and social networks that are trying to support smooth re-entry planning.

Take Action: Tell the CPUC to keep families connected!

Read about the human cost of high phone rates:
High-priced jail phone calls: $15 to talk to your daughter (source: CalMatters)

Take Action

Tell the CPUC to keep families connected!

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  • Online form via the CPUC Docket Card: www.cpuc.ca.gov/R2010002Comments
  • Email: Public.Advisor@cpuc.ca.gov
    (reference Rulemaking R.20-10-002)
  • U.S. Mail: CPUC Public Advisor’s Office
    505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102
    (reference Rulemaking R.20-10-002)
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